What do you get?

  • An economical, web ready solution includes five panoramas at one location.
  • A draft of the project will be made available through a password accessed section on our website for approval and sign off.
  • High Dynamic Resolution 16bit TIFF images.
  • Where required, “logo/branding” placed within each image (logos provided by the client in PNG format) and thumbnail images.
  • We can include a site/floor plan as required.
  • We strive for perfection, so if we require retakes, they will be at no cost to you.  Client requests for retakes or additional panoramas are priced at single price rates shown below.
  • Delivery of the finished project, either by cloud storage service or on a USB memory stick, includes all the files needed for HTML browser delivery.


How much does it cost?

  • For up to five hi-resolution 360-degree panoramas the cost is £500.
  • Additional panoramas are £80 each.
  • The inclusion of site/floor plans from £100, depending upon requirements.

Panorama 360 virtual tours are quoted based on your personal criteria, as defined in the initial project specification and includes; pre-production, the time needed for photography and post-production work effort.