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Our Service

Guernsey 360 Panoramas offer a range of interactive 360° virtual reality panos designed to meet your specifications, including corporate identity and branding, to produce a personalised and high-quality presentation to assist in the promotion of your business.  From a single 360° panorama through to a comprehensive virtual tour complete with a custom-designed user interface, our tailored and individual approach will impress visitors through an immersive online experience.


Service includes:

  • Bespoke 360° panoramas created to suit your specific requirements;
  • Images produced in high definition to provide stunning quality to the presentations;
  • Easy to understand interface providing the viewers with an intuitive to control virtual experience;
  • Virtual tours prepared using responsive technology that loads image data appropriate for each viewer’s device and viewable in full-screen mode;
  • The addition of still images, information and site/floor plans to make the viewing experience more engaging and informative.


Typical uses include:

  • Tourist complexes
  • Health and sports centres
  • Property marketing by estate agents
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail businesses
  • Kitchen and bathroom designers and suppliers
  • Holiday rental accommodation
  • Wedding and event organisers
  • and many other types of businesses which can benefit from self-promotion through the use of high-quality 360° panoramic images.



  • Corporate branding/logo can be embedded into your 360° panoramas to reinforce the identity of your business;
  • Site/Floor plans with markers to show the viewers where they are.
  • Hotspots can be used to “transport” the viewers to the next section of the virtual tour as well as bringing up still images and text information.
  • Thumbnail image bars also enable the viewer to move to another section of the virtual tour, which can incorporate a tick mark to show which sections have been visited.
  • Full-screen viewing, which enables the viewer to see and experience the virtual tour with stunning clarity and immerse themselves in the image.