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Welcome to Guernsey 360 Panoramas

Welcome to the world of 360° virtual reality panoramas, which provide a stunning visual aid for showcasing and promoting your business and enticing new customers.

Bespoke virtual tours can be displayed on your website with a superb resolution, allowing visitors to see stunning detail and quality.  Stand out from the crowd and take your marketing to a new and exciting level.

Our business ethos is to work closely with our clients so as to deliver a solution which best fits their requirements. We aim to gain a clear understanding of our clients’ businesses in order to provide either a single 360° panorama or a virtual reality tour, consisting of a series of panoramas linked together, that will both promote their business and engage and retain online visitors.  Our clients have one thing in common; they see the significant promotional value of incorporating interactive 360° virtual reality panoramas in their websites.

Visit our Gallery pages to see some of the 360° virtual tours we have produced, which are cost effective and affordable.

Whatever the project we can assist. Either use the Contact Us page, e-mail us at  or call us on 07911 152657 to discuss your requirements or arrange a no obligation meeting.

What is a 360° panorama?

A 360° panorama comprises of a number of still images which are stitched together to create a seamless view of the location, giving the viewer the virtual impression that they are standing at the location and are able to look all around, including up and down.

How are 360° panoramas tailored for clients?

A responsive ‘skin’ sits in front of the panoramas, which, in addition to holding the control buttons, can include bespoke items such as logos, thumbnail bars and site/floor plans.  Hotspots can also be used to move the viewer between different locations of the virtual tour and bring up still images and text information.

What preparation should be done prior to the photographs being taken?

We can help/advise on how best to showcase each location being photographed – attention to detail and tidiness are important.  We believe it is better to start with a great image and reduce post-production editing.

What is the time needed for taking the photographs?

We strive for the perfect images thus the quality of the images is more important than time, but we typically need 10-15 minutes photography time for each location.

How soon will a draft presentation be available for review?

We take about three to four days to provide a draft depending upon the number of locations photographed.

How will we be able to show the 360° panoramas on our website?

The panoramas will be made available to you in HTML5 format and we will be able to provide limited guidance on uploading these to your website. Alternatively, our website agents can be engaged to help you with this aspect.

Can additional locations be included at a later date?

Yes, the additional panoramas can be added to an existing virtual tour at any time. We will only charge for taking the additional panoramas.

Who owns the copyright to the 360° panoramas?

The client will acquire the ownership to the copyright upon payment of the agreed contract amount.